Rings by Yvonne Doney

Unique rings, some with semi-precious stones, individually designed and handmade in sterling silver. A larger, more detailed image can be obtained by clicking on the pictures, and prices include a presentation box and Royal Mail special delivery postage. If you need more information, please e-mail me at: yvonne@yvonnedoneyjewellery.co.uk


A bold and beautiful ring! The sterling silver shank forms a cradle for the large oval bead. To make the bead, I carved a hollow into a block of charcoal, lined it with 22 carat gold flakes and then cast silver over it. During the casting process the gold flakes embedded in the silver, so that the surface of the bead has a slightly crinkled, burnished look. UK Size M



Silver Leaf and Tendril Ring

For this ring I cast the shank in a charcoal block, giving an organic, 'straight from nature' look, and pierced (sawed) and shaped the leaf from sterling silver sheet. The sterling silver tendril was wound around the shank, and soldered to both it and the leaf .The ring has a matt finish, again following the 'natural' theme. UK size L/M




This sterling silver band ring carries a 'wild rose' made from pure silver that has been forged, fused, and shaped by hand. Perfect for lovers of wild flowers. UK size M.




An open band sterling silver ring has been lightly textured and polished to set off the embellishment of a double spiral, symbol of eternity. Fits UK sizes L to N.



3-way Ring

Something really different – one ring with at least three different ways to wear it. The shank has been partly textured for an organic look, and to match the texturing on the ends of the crossed wire decoration. This is articulated, so that you can wear it with the decorative feature pointing forwards towards the fingertips, backwards towards the hand, or straight up (or any angle in between these three). It looks pretty cool at any angle! UK size M





A rich red garnet gemstone is set in a depression carved in a large silver handmade bead, which is soldered to a slightly concave oval of sterling silver and mounted on the sterling silver shank. The mount has been given a lightly frosted finish. UK size L/M



Roots Ring

I love this ring! I made it as part of the 'Roots' collection (see Pendants page), but of course it can stand alone. It has slightly squared off shoulders that have been lightly reticulated to echo the texturing in the central feature, which is held in niches hand carved into the ring's shoulders and soldered for strength and stability. I think it is quite Gothic-looking, and the wearer can definitely expect comments! It is about size M.