Bangles and Bracelets by Yvonne Doney

Bold and beguiling ornaments for your wrist, individually designed and handmade by Yvonne Doney, are made to fit a medium wrist of approximately 7–8 inches. Smaller or larger sizes might be available to order, so please enquire if in doubt. All prices include presentation box and postage by Royal Mail special delivery. Click on the images to access larger, more detailed views. If you need more information, please e-mail me at:




 This sterling silver  bangle has been hand-forged to resemble bark and embellished at both ends with a sterling silver 'pebble'. 

It is a cuff style, so will fit a medium to small wrist.












This sterling silver bangle is fashioned from sterling silver wire, with a decorative swirl as the central feature. It fastens with a hook which simply 
clips over the edge of the150spiral. Fits a medium wrist, but could fit a smaller wrist by clipping the hook on the next part of the spiral.



Ivy Bangle



A hand-etched pattern of trailing ivy leaves decorates this 5 cm wide cuff bangle, which has been given a high polish to throw the pattern into relief.



Silver Bracelet with Interlinked Circlets

Hand forged circlets of sterling silver are interlinked for this elegant bracelet, fastened with a handmade 'S' clasp. This bracelet lies comfortably around the wrist, and the forged surfaces of the circlets reflect the light beautifully.



Ornate Bracelet

I made this gorgeous bracelet as a present, but, as it is made to size, the components can vary widely. The focal point is the ornate wrapped bead, handmade from sterling silver wire, and the other components are silver spacer beads bracketing each large round silver bead, four handmade spiral sections, and a handmade 'swan' silver clasp. Do enlarge the picture to see the workmanship, particularly in the focal bead. I plan other versions, most of which will be based on the ornate central bead, scaled up or down depending on the finished size, but with other, variable components, such as a choice of gemstone beads and other types of handmade features. Each of these will be made to order, and will require an accurate measurement of the client's wrist (e-mail me for details of how to do this), but samples will be available to view soon, so watch this space. I anticipate prices to be in the range of £120–£150, depending on components. The one pictured here would be priced at £130, if I were to make it again (which, of course, I won't!)

Made to Order – Price on Application


Silver Tassles Bracelet

This bracelet features a handmade chain from which 'tassels' of sterling silver dangle. The tassels move as you do, giving a lovely, fluid look to the bracelet, which is finished with a sterling silver clasp handmade in a 'swan' style. Bracelet length is 7" (approximately 17.5 cm)



Square Spiral Bangle

Quite a delicate bracelet, this one, but no less interesting for that. Alternating spirals and squares hand formed from sterling silver wire give it a rather Egyptian look.



Squiggle Bracelet

This very light and delicate bracelet is the result of my taking a piece of silver wire for a wiggly walk, threading it with Swarovski pearlized crystals as I went. The 'squiggle' bracelet would be ideal for a young teenager's first piece of 'grown-up' jewellery. It measures 15 cm (6")



Rainbow Flourite Bracelet

Another delicate bracelet features lovely, translucent rainbow fluorite beads on a chain of handmade links.Its length is about 17 cm (6 3/4") and it is very pretty indeed.



Snake Bangle

This sterling silver handmade bangle has been forged for texture and a thick silver wire which has been formed into a serpentine shape has been soldered to one of the open ends. When worn , the 'snake' can be lightly pressed against the wrist so that it lies along the back of the hand. The bangle itself can be gently squeezed or opened, so that it will fit any size of wrist.



Amethyst Bracelet

Lovely nuggets of amethyst have been set in handmade sterling silver wire cages to make this bracelet, which fastens with a ring bolt clasp. It might complement the amethyst necklace (see Other Necklaces page).



Large Curly Bracelet

Sterling silver wire 2mm thick has been hand formed into flowing curls to make this chunky but elegant bracelet. The hook has been shaped to echo the shape of the curls. Fits a larger wrist (about 20.5 cm, or about 81/4 inches in length), but could be made smaller.